An Engineer who at times is also a Pianist

First Post of 2014

I just recently remembered that I had this blog setup and haven’t written anything for quite a while now.

Recent Music Updates

In this series of music updates, I’m finally adding a Richard Clayderman cover. I used to play a lot of RC when I was younger which is why I wanted to have a recording for my own records. I’ve also added my first Hindi music recording doing a cover of a famous 1965 classic called ‘Pukarta Chala Hoon Main’ sung by one of the best playback singers of his time, the late Mohd Rafi. Here’s the original song with vocals and below is my self interpretation for a single instrument. Enjoy.

Git - Summarizing the Most Useful Commands

It’s been a while since I wrote something tech or anything for that matter. I’m an avid user of Git and think it’s the best version control software out there currently. And GitHub as a repository for Git goes just like bread does with butter. Alright, I may have exaggerated a bit there with the bread part, but you get the gi[s]t. With that said, I thought I’d write a set of handy-dandy commands I tend to use on a regular basis which may be useful to some of you out there as much as it is to me. This by no means is a complete listing. You should refer to the original documentaion whenever you have something more detailed to do. Let’s begin…

Rachmaninoff Now Part of My Daily Rituals

Finally I let the dust settle in my professional life and took some time to record this Rachmaninoff epic. I’ve been wanting to record this for quite some time now given that it’s been the starting piece of my daily practice sessions. I also ended up using my recently purchased Zoom Q3 HD recorder which people recommend is the best live music recorder(especially for audio) and I won’t disagree with that. Even though they claim it has HD video the result isn’t anywhere close to that. I think their version of HD stood for Hardly Definitive. But no real complaints as such since it’s the sound that matters in the end.

Access Specifiers in JavaScript

For quite some time now, I’ve wanted to write about how access specifiers actually work in JavaScript given that the language doesn’t natively support the construct of a class unlike most other languages such as Java, C++, Python, PHP etc where classes are pretty much the raison d’etre. Of course, another interesting aspect especially in JavaScript’s case is the myriad ways in which you end up abstracting a class which would make one believe that perhaps specifying encapsulation would also embody the same variety but turns out that isn’t the case. Encapsulation or access specifiers more generally are implemented in a very standard fashion in JavaScript. This post digs into that a little deeper.

Finally a Decent Web Presence

After being involved with the Internet for close to 10 years, I’ve finally established a web presence for myself. Recently as I began playing with Ruby and all the wonderful web things it offers, I came across the Octopress blogging framework and was sold instantly. It’s that moment when I felt blogging had finally come of age. Not that I’m against WordPress or any of the several blogging frameworks out there, but at least for me this did change everything and served as a motivation to start blogging actively. I remember working with WordPress a while back and I’d rather not talk about my experience with it. And so using this new found knowledge, I embarked on creating Pianeer and what you now see here is it’s result. The flexibility Octopress offered was killer. Though not very intuitive to non-programmers, it gives you full control of anything and everything if you know what you’re doing.